Coursera - Getting Started: Agile Meets Design Thinking - Week 1 1

Since I have been interested in Agile for quite a while now, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about it when I noticed this Coursera course: "Getting Started: Agile Meets Design Thinking". It is part of a set of courses, called a Specialization, which tries to give "understanding and appreciation of the principles and practice of agile management".

I just watched the videos from the first week and I must say that I really like it. The instructor, Alex Cowan, does a great job of explaining the topics and, at least for me, his voice and way of presenting is pleasant to watch and listen to.

The one thing I am not so happy with is the fact that you cannot do the quizzes and assignments unless you pay. It is understandable that you have to pay to get an official certificate, I feel that blocking certain parts of the course is not a friendly incentive and that it actually conflicts with the free learning environment Coursera opts for. Furthermore, the price of this course (and the specialization) is really too high. If it was something in the order of 40 or 50 euros, I would seriously consider it (I really dig certificates!), but for me, 129 euros is way too expensive, especially if you want the whole specialization and you and up paying 621 euros...

If you don't know what Agile is, or simply want to know more, watching the videos of this course is completely free and I would recommend it.

A few links:
The Agile Manifesto
A long Wikipedia article about Agile Software Development
And a shorter, more concise explanation of Agile and why it is useful

UPDATE: If you cannot afford the cost of a certificate, you can always apply for financial aid, as kindly stated by the instructor in the comment below (with a link to more info).

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    Alex Cowan

    Hi Kim- Thanks for taking the course and I'm so glad you're liking it.

    As instructors/faculty members, this is part of what we do to make our material available to the public, but I am not involved in the pricing side. (We get a small royalty but I could make more money as a waiter. ; ) ) It was important to me that anyone can view the material for free, which you mention. Coursera provides aid, information can be found here:

    Anyway, thanks for writing about the course. I do it so I can have a relationship with learners like you and it's really great to hear from you.

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