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This post is about a paper published in 2006.

Paper Discussion: Ku et al. (2006)

OpinionĀ  Extraction, Summarization and Tracking in News and Blog Corpora - Lun-Wei Ku, Yu-Ting Liang, and Hsin-Hsi Chen Characteristics Summary Domain News items and blogs Sentiment Classes Positive / negative Sentiment Analysis Dictionary-based, using topical relevance filter Performance Summary On NTCIR corpus (news): Precision: 38.06% Recall: 64.84% F1-measure: 47.97% On Blog posts: Precision: 23.48% Recall: […]

Paper Discussion: Kobayashi et al. (2006)

Opinion Mining on the Web by Extracting Subject-Aspect-Evaluation Relations - Nozomi Kobayashi, Ryu Iida, Kentaro Inui, and Yuji Matsumoto Characteristics Summary Domain Car reviews Sentiment Classes N/A Extraction Method Dictionary + Support Vector Machines Performance Summary Opinion extraction: Precision: 67.7% Recall: 50.7% F1-measure: 40.5 Aspect-evaluation pair extraction: Precision: 76.6% Recall: 75.1% Opinionhood determination: Precision: 82.2% […]

Paper Discussion: Zhuang et al. (2006)

Movie Review Mining and Summarization - Li Zhuang, Feng Jing, and Xiao-Yan Zhu Characteristics Summary Domain Movie reviews Sentiment Classes Positive / Negative Aspect Detection Method Custom lexicon plus dependency patterns Sentiment Analysis Method Custom lexicon plus dependency patterns Parser Stanford Parser, using typed-dependencies output Performance Summary Precision: 0.483 Recall: 0.585 F-score: 0.529 Introduction Instead […]